Welcome to Saint Johns Sponge Company, specializing in the Natural Wool Sea Sponge!
  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • Environmentally safe
  • Natural Sea Sponges are ethically and sustainably harvested
  • Soak up and hold loads of water, after one quick squeeze, won't drip until pressure is applied
  • Naturally inhibit bacterial growth, won't harbor residue or odor, won't stain

Our Products

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Egyptian Loufah
Price: $12.00

The loufah provides the most exfoliation of all.  The Egyptian Loufah offers excellent exfoliating properties but with a delicious texture.  Not as hard as the Guatemalan Loufah yet every bit the scrubber.  The Egyptian Loufah fits nicely in the hand, hugging you as you scrub away dead skin. 

Really nice for sensitive skin or just daily use.

Keep dry when not in use

Medium Size approx 5"


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