The Silk Sponge

  • For facial use
  • The Silk Sponge is a wonderful exfoliater while gently cleansing your pores
  • Simply wet, add cleanser (bar or liquid)
  • Rub all over your skin as it becomes very pliable when wet
  • Will rinse quickly and clearly! Squeeze out and allow to dry until next use
  • You will notice a marked difference in the surface of your skin after regular use of the real sea sponge 
  • Great for young acne age skin as the silk sponge won't disturb delicate changing skin!
  • The Silk Sponge won't retain bacteria so it doesn't change color or pick up an odor
  • One of nature's "little delights"!

Atlantic Silk Sponge
Price: $6.00

Wonderful sponge for makeup application

This is a beautiful sponge for morning face wash 

A great little sponge for young girls too!

Please indicate if to be used for a newborn 

Like a cloud, we will select perfectly for your baby

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