27 JUL
Category: General Blog - Written by Kerry Raptis
To exfoliate the skin use a loufah

To exfoliate dead skin use a real loufah.  Also known as luff in Arabic, and estropajo in Spanish.

The loufah is a vegetable and is in the gourd family.  It looks much like a cucumber squash or a zucchini. 

In India, China and Vietnam the loufah vegetable is harvested at a young stage of growth, approximately 7", and still green.  It is then used in soups, vegetable dishes and salads.

When allowed to fully ripen, it can grow to four feet depending on its climate.  When left on the vine to fully mature, the gourd dries and the flesh turns to an intricate system of fiberous tissue and seeds.  The "skeleton" of the loufah gourd is what we are left with.  Its rough texture is what we seek when we desire to shed our skin of dried, layered dead skin, allowing our skin to breath and our products to absorb beautfully, leaving our skin polished and youthful.

For use in the bath, shower or sauna. 

Try our loufas from Guatemala and Cairo, Egypt.



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